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Personal training

No matter what your goals are, our trainers at GYM 67 are eager and qualified to produce real-life results for you.  Using a holistic and athletic model of training, we will challenge your strength, endurance and real-life function to produce a better version of you.  This is not a “put you on a machine and count out 10 reps”  approach.  We use innovative and proven techniques. We will safely and intelligently push you into some level of discomfort and ultimately change will happen.

On the Scales

Weight Loss

Combined with a structured and supervised eating regimen, we’ll implement a total body conditioning program that is appropriate for your fitness level and objectives.  The result is a smaller, lighter, better you.


Strength/Muscle Development

We will evaluate your current level of muscular strength and orthopedic status then, lead you through a progressive resistance training program that  is guaranteed to put on muscle and heighten your functional strength.

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Athlete Development

For MS, HS and College Athletes

We will customize a total body conditioning program for the athlete specific to the unique needs of his/her sport.  Focus will be on athletic strength, multi-directional speed, power and explosiveness.

Antique Pocket Watch

Elite Aging

Don’t click away because you think you are too young to worry about “aging” or you are just so turned off to the word itself.  Unless you’re a teenager, you have to give it some thought.  We all want to look good and perform well for decades.  Through my 30+ year fitness career, based on what I have observed firsthand with my clients, these are the 5 key areas that you need to stay on top of if you want a physically productive and happy future. 

The Five Pillars of Successful Physical Aging




Lean people move better, feel better and enjoy life more.  Maintaining a healthy weight through intelligent and disciplined eating and consistent, diverse exercise performed regularly at moderate levels of intensity are critical to achieving and maintaining a more lean body.


Productive Strength


Being able to resist forces while occasionally being able to move heavy things is paramount to elite aging.  Improving and maintaining your functional strength in the context of your recreational and family life will enhance the quality of your days while increasing the opportunities you have for physical enjoyment.  Productive strength will allow you to more easily do the things you need to do and enjoy doing.




Besides the obvious benefits to your cardio-respiratory health (which should be managed concurrently by your healthcare provider), Elite Agers need to be able to consume oxygen and elevate their heart rate at appropriate levels for extended bouts of time.  


Build and Preserve Muscle


Employing exercises that build muscle is not identical to the efforts required to enhance Productive Strength.  Dedicated effort applied toward the singular goal of building muscle through resistance training will result in a more metabolically active, resilient and injury resistant body.  In other words, having muscle is really good for you and weight training is necessary in that pursuit.




If you're a current or former athlete, you get it.  For everyone else, it’s a harder concept to digest. Hoops, tennis, golf, softball, paddle, soccer with the kids or grandkids are all fantastic activities.  Don’t stop.  It is important to understand that you are, in fact, an athlete.  The physical aspects of your life are in essence, mini athletic events- navigating uneven terrain while hiking or working, pulling a bag of mulch out of your car, chasing the dog, avoiding a pothole while on a jog, carrying laundry up the stairs, balancing to grab a glass out of the upper cupboard, reaching, gripping, hopping off a curb, quickly avoiding a puddle while on a walk or catching an apple, beer or balled up pair of socks your spouse throws at you . . . these are all examples of athletic challenges.  The one who commits to challenging his/herself in multiple athletic ways consistently will fare better in the future.  At GYM 67, we will train you with that goal in mind.

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